Essential Septic Tank Pumping & Maintenance

Keep your septic system running at top performance with maintenance from KELK Land Improvement, LLC in Woodruff, Wisconsin. From septic tank pumping to pipe thawing, we provide a variety of services for our residential customers.

Pumps & Drains

Prevent backups by performing regular maintenance on your septic system. In addition to pumping your tank and disposing of the waste, we clean your filters so that they are always operating at peak condition.

Fixing the Problem

If something goes wrong with your system, avoid a mess by calling our company. Our team has extensive experience completing a number of jobs, including:

• Drain Repairs
• Drain Field Replacement
• Tank Replacement • Pump Replacement

Essential Maintenance

In order to maintain your septic system, you are required to have an inspection or pump replacement every three years. We are qualified to satisfy this county regulation for our customers.

Contact our crew to perform your septic tank pumping.